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The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you about:

  • What information we collect from you
  • How and when it is collected
  • What we do with this information
  • How you can have it deleted
  • To whom this site is directed
  • How to contact us
  • Collection of information by DeSantis Jewelry


Personal Identification Information
Personal Identification Information is any information that concerns you individually and would permit us to contact you. This includes your name, address, telephone/fax number, social security number, e-mail address or any information you submitted to us.
DeSantis Jewelry will not collect any Personal Identification Information about you unless you provide it to us. Therefore, if you do not wish that DeSantis Jewelry obtains any Personal Identification Information about you, do not submit it to us.

Non-Personal Identification Information
Non-Personal Identification Information is information concerning the manner by which you access the DeSantis Jewelry website. This information includes the type of browser you use and the Internet Service Provider.
Non-Personal Identification Information is automatically collected when you access the DeSantis Jewelry website. You can configure your web browser to either reject the installation of the files that allow us to collect this information (" cookies ") or warn you before the installation of such files.

Why we collect information and what we do with it
We collect information from the visitors of the DeSantis Jewelry website in order to better know and understand them and respond to their needs and expectations.

Deletion of Personal Identifying Information
You may request that we delete any Personal Identification Information we have on you in our files. To do so, email us at and we will make a reasonable effort to delete your information from our files.

Who is the website directed to?
The DeSantis Jewelry website is directed to everyone except the children under the age of eighteen years old.

DeSantis Jewelry does not intend to collect any Personal Identification Information from children under the age of thirteen years old.

However, if children under the age of eighteen years old provide Personal Identification Information to us, their parents or legal guardian should request that we delete this information from our files by sending us an email at We will use all reasonable efforts to delete children's information from our files.

If you have any questions or comments on this policy please don't hesitate to contact us.

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