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DeSantis Jewelry offers great distinctive designs when it comes to bracelets

We strive to make our collection of bracelets very unique from other types of jewelry.  Each design is carefully thought out considering all the different types of gemstone and noble metal combinations.  Wether we are making a bracelet design with or without gemstones, we definitely understand a nice bracelet design should be symmetric.

 Usually when we design a nice cuff or link bracelet with gemstones the design starts with the gemstones first.  Once the gemstones are carefully graded they are positioned in a certain sequence that we believe gives the most optimal look for a bracelet.   When we deal with different size gemstones such as turquoise for instance the best way to sequence the gemstones is to position the largest gemstone in the middle of the bracelet and work towards the ends of the bracelet with smaller gemstones. 

In our collection you will find bracelets without gemstones.  These bracelets have really great designs such as two toned sterling silver and 14kt gold or even one of a kind texture designs. 

Crafted with passion, worn with pride – DeSantis Jewelry, where every piece tells a story.

Discover the allure of DeSantis Handmade Jewelry, where passion meets craftsmanship in every meticulously crafted piece. Elevate your style with timeless elegance and unique designs that capture the essence of artistry.

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