Men's Rings

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Custom Men’s Rings
Designing a man’s ring can pose some difficult choices. You want it to be distinguished, masculine, and make you feel good about wearing it. There are many styles and combinations to choose from when it comes to metals and gemstones that you can use to create your ring. Whether it’s a wedding band, a ring to distinguish your place in a group, an anniversary gift, or a simple accessory, DeSantis Jewelry Co. has everything you need to design any custom men’s ring. Silver and other noble metals combine with black onyx, black jade, and other gemstones to create a look that you will feel good about wearing. 
Unique Wedding Bands
Women wear wedding bands with diamonds and other gemstones on them and beautifully rendered settings… so why do men walk around with simple bands of gold or silver that barely match their partner? DeSantis Jewelry Co. has custom men’s rings that can be created to match your wife’s wedding band like none of your fellows. You can have a distinguished look and a match to your wife without compromising your specific style. Ladies, if your husband already has a simple wedding band, give him an anniversary gift that shows how much you really know him. Celebrate your marriage artistically!
Gemstones and Noble Metals
DeSantis Jewelry Co. offers many different combinations of gemstones and noble metals, but our most popular are our custom men’s rings are silver. You can choose a square design or something with a domed look, or whatever else is on your mind. We enjoy using the popular black onyx and black jade because they are durable inlaid gemstones that give off a masculine tone, but we have other gemstones available in a variety of settings and other noble metals. 
Work to Create
Your custom men’s ring will say a lot about you, and the designers at DeSantis Jewelry Co. are here to help. Talk to us about what you want your ring to say about you or how you’d like it to match another. Creating a custom piece is about making it your way, and putting your own vision into a piece of jewelry that you will love to wear. Let us help you work to create the best piece for your style or create something for the man in your life to give as a gift.