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Choosing a Gemstone Ring that is Just Right for You
Each gemstone has its special meaning – the amethyst instills a sober mind, onyx can release negative emotions and the diamond is a symbol of constancy or innocence. Learning a bit more about the meaning is one great idea for the selection of the best women’s or men’s gemstone rings. Aesthetic considerations are equally important, which is why the DeSantis collection will satisfy the taste of every jewelry lover.
Color and Type of Gemstone
Color is the first and the most obvious distinctive characteristic of men’s gemstone rings. Each gem has a unique color that comes in a medley of shades and tones. The purest, deepest colors are the ones that boost the prices of gemstones. The color of the gemstone is responsible for 50 to 70 percent of the price.
The colored gems should also have high clarity. The clarity of colored gemstones is different from the clarity of diamonds. When such gems are examined under a magnifying glass, some kind of imperfection will be spotted almost every time. These stones are natural and they could have crystal growth spots or included crystal. There is no standard grading system and gemstones have to be assessed individually.
The DeSantis Gemstone Ring Range
DeSantis has an extensive and tremendously diversified collection of gemstone rings. Whether you are looking for deep purple amethysts or black opal rings, you will discover at least one option to fall in love with.
Our rings are handcrafted and unique – a characteristic that sets them apart from all of the mass-manufactured options on the market. DeSantis professionals utilize the highest quality of materials and all of our jewelry is provided with Gemological Institute of America certification.
The craftsmanship and finesse become obvious in the designs of the rings and the creative sculpted setting that some of the pieces come with.
A Few Additional Tips
Explore many options before buying your gemstone ring. Pay attention to the materials, the karat and the origin of the gemstone but remember that aesthetic considerations are equally important.
If you are buying men’s gemstone rings for loved ones, keep their preferences and personality in mind. Having a good idea about their accessory desires will demonstrate attention to detail, apart from fine taste.

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