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Gold Cross Pendants – Showing Your Spirituality

A lot of people think about religion when hearing about gold cross pendants. We at DeSantis Jewelry Co. believe that a pendant of this nature means a lot more: it is a statement. This is why we find it important for our pendants to be a powerful expression for those who wear them.

From the simplest to the more elaborate

We wish to offer everybody the pendant that they have designed in their mind. These can be extremely simple and feature only the shape of cross, which may be bolder or thinner. If the customer is willing to take the design one step further, there are the pendants in the shape of a cross with a gemstone in the middle. All the gemstones that we work with are certified by the Gemstone Institute of America. A variation of this design could be the eternity cross pendant, which also has a gemstone in the middle. Although we have certain designs on display, the customers have the opportunity to ask for a given design with a different gemstone.

In case the customer is looking for a simple yet unusual look, they might appreciate the sculptured cross pendant. Adding some accents to each end of the cross can make the design even more elaborate. For a more intricate design, one might consider the cross pendant with a filigree vine design.

The materials that we use

Our company makes no compromise when it comes to the quality of the jewelry produced. The noble materials that our customers can choose from include yellow and white gold, sterling silver, platinum and palladium. There is the possibility to use only one kind of material when creating the pendant, or to combine them for a more unique look.

Many people consider that gold cross pendants all look the same. Our customers have the option to ensure that they will own a pendant with a design that has never been seen before, thus making a statement. The cross pendant can remain a symbol of one’s religious beliefs, or have a different deep meaning for the wearer—it is all up to you!

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