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When it comes to link bracelets no one has better quality than DeSantis Jewelry
All of the link bracelets in our gallery are adjustable up to one inch in length which are capable of fitting all sized wrists. The average woman’s wrist is a size 7 which means a bracelet that measures approximately 7 inches in length will fit perfectly to that size wrist. So the adjustment usually starts from 6 ½ inches to 7 ½ inches to accommodate an average sized wrist. There are two ways that our link bracelets can connect together, either by a simple toggle with a hoop or a lobster claw with a hoop. Both options work very well with these bracelets with links. We can create custom link bracelets for men that are more masculine and are longer in length, but generally most men prefer the cuff designs. 
Each link in these bracelets are hand soldered and have the appropriate size that conforms to the wrist. Depending on the style of the bracelets there can be an open ended loop to a link design or a loose jump ring connecting each link. The great thing about link bracelets is that they move around freely around the wrist so the design always changes and tends to be lighter in weight and more comfortable than a cuff design. All of our simple hoop link bracelets are double sided. Some of these bracelets have different types of hammered textures and others have plain contemporary designs so it does not matter which side of the bracelets are worn.
When it comes to link bracelets with the same types of gemstones, these gemstones are carefully graded so that there is a gradual transition in the color of the gemstones from side to side. All of the plain link bracelets are capable of featuring different types of gemstones also. A very popular concept of these bracelets are charm bracelets that have all types of different styles of link designs and random precious gemstones that dangle all around the wrist. It is all about preference in the design and types of gemstones when it comes to link bracelets, just like all other types of designer jewelry.

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