Opal Pendants

Gold Opal Pendants – A Match for your Personality

Opal has been used to make jewelry for hundreds of years, and it is one of the gemstones that never seem to go out of fashion. At DeSantis Jewelry Co. we offer a wide range of pendants for women to choose from, for everyday wear and for special occasions.

A wide range of colors and sizes

Opal is a gemstone that comes in different colors and shades, ranging from a pale blue to dark blue and even purple. There is no one particular color that the stone has, so there are many different colors that the pendant will match, thus giving the customers no limitations as to what outfit to wear it with, making the gold opal pendant a very versatile piece.

It’s not only the color that varies, but also the shape and size of the gemstones. There are the teardrop pendants, oval-shaped pendants, boulder pendants and round-shaped pendants. Customers can choose to have the gemstone cut in a specific shape or to leave in its natural shape.

The style of the gold opal pendants

In case the customer would like to have something modest, they have the option of a small, round-shaped opal in a simple silver setting. However, if they wish to make a statement, they can choose a pendant with a longer design that will be sure to catch the eye of others. For a bolder statement, we have pendants featuring an opal surrounded by other gemstones, such as sapphire beads. It is possible to create a pendant featuring one or more diamonds as well.

The setting

The setting of the gold opal pendants can be made of various types of gold, such as white and yellow gold. Opal is one of the gemstones that does not have one particular precious metal it can be placed with; it looks beautiful with everything. However, usually the bright colored gemstones look better with gold simply because this metal has a sophisticated and elegant feel to it.

Although gold opal pendants seem to have lost some of their past popularity, they are truly timeless pieces that people will marvel at, especially because of their natural beauty and the harmony of their colors.