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Peridot Rings are perfect for any occasion

In our collection of peridot rings there are pieces that have a natural raw peridot look that work very well with sterling silver and 14kt gold.  As we continue to make these peridot rings we will solder small 14kt yellow gold accent around a sterling silver shank design.  The raw peridot gemstones are set nicely into these peridot rings displaying somewhat of a organic type look.  This natural look is only offered in our peridot rings. 

There is one ring that we make that has two brilliant set peridots in a fabulous ring design.  This perdiot ring design is perfectly symmetric and looks like a piece of art.  This particular ring design allows the ring to be adjustable around a 1/4 size.  

If you look closely at some of our peridot rings, you will notice that light easily shines through the peridot gemstones since the channel settings have a hollow back.     

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