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Here at DeSantis Fine Art Jewelry, we provide tanzanite rings for you that possess quality along with careful focus to detail.  The tanzanite rings that we design have more of a feminine and graceful look to them.  As you can see by the designs, we tend to play around with symmetry as well as artistic asymmetric designs.   

With such a beautiful deep blue and violet color, the tanzanite gemstone is presented very well with our 14kt yellow gold ring designs.  You will find in our collection that we have brilliant cut tanzanite gemstones bezel set into our tanzanite rings.  This tanzanite gemstone has such a sharp color that the beauty of this gemstone will never fade away.

Our tanzanite rings are considered a great gift and are sizable within one ring size larger or smaller.  All of these tanzanite rings are made to order, so contact us at your convenience to inquire about any of these beautiful tanzanite rings.    

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