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Custom-Made Necklaces
Necklaces have numerous styles, from statement pieces to simple teardrop charms and intricate beaded designs. Custom-made necklaces take the vision in your mind and create a piece that accents any outfit in any situation. You don’t have to be limited to the designs in stores or what happens to be in fashion, especially if your clothing style is very much your own. You can create a piece that wows everyone at the office, shows off your favorite dress on a night out, or is a keepsake for someone special to wear every day. 
Endless Possibilities
DeSantis Jewelry Co. features many designs in turquoise, black onyx, and amethyst, but the possibilities are endless. You can create custom-made necklaces in oxidized sterling silver that is easy to care for and looks elegant, or opt for a statement in natural turquoise with settings that swirl and flow, each one unique. 
· Sterling silver bead necklaces in various shapes and sizes work with almost any outfit or as a gift for any occasion. They are simple and beautiful. 
· The turquoise collection is available in a number of different pendants or collar designs. These pieces are the perfect everyday accent, going seamlessly from day wear to the nightlife without having to change your jewelry.
· Amethyst pendants are pretty and subtle, creating a look that is never too much but accents simple and solid color outfits with ease.
Choose Comfort
Custom-made necklaces are made with you in mind. You can choose the type of clasp that works for your necklace, depending on the style and weight, and never have to worry about needing help to fasten your jewelry when you’re getting ready. The length is made to suit your style and preference, so your pendant never hangs too low and bothers you with its weight. Your jewelry will accent your look in exactly the way that you want it to while being comfortable to wear all day. 
Supreme Customer Service

The designers at DeSantis Jewelry Co. can help you find or create the perfect piece for you or your loved one. Give a gift that makes a statement no other gift can. Put your words and feelings into a piece of art that you or your loved one can wear with pride and happiness.

Crafted with passion, worn with pride – DeSantis Jewelry, where every piece tells a story.

Discover the allure of DeSantis Handmade Jewelry, where passion meets craftsmanship in every meticulously crafted piece. Elevate your style with timeless elegance and unique designs that capture the essence of artistry.

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