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Our sterling silver necklace chain collection is imported from Italy.  Each chain necklace is machine made with precision, they are given an antique finish, and are very comfortable and durable.  Each and every chain link is exactly the same throughout the whole necklace with a sterling silver lobster claw on one end and a small loop on the other.  The size of each link in the chain will significantly change the weight of the whole chain, from being light weight to heavy.   In addition to the sterling silver necklace chain with links we carry snake chain which displays a “rope like” design and is also the same quality as the link design.   We also offer snake chain in different thicknesses and lengths. This chain necklace concept is different than our handmade hoop necklace designs that we make in our studio.  Our own necklace designs allow different types of charms to be connected throughout the entire necklace displaying a very unique and attractive look.  Rather than linking the hoops together for our handmade necklace designs, we hand solder jump rings connecting each hoop together.  

The most common lengths of these Italian sterling silver necklace chain products that we carry are 16 inch and 18 inch length chain which are not adjustable.  It is possible for our customers to order these in longer lengths such as a 24 inch chain.  We also offer a nice variety of different thicknesses of chain with the same style that can be worn by themselves and can hold different sized pendants.   Most of our customers who buy these sterling silver chain necklace items wear them with pendants.   Each chain lets different types of pendants move freely and feels comfortable on the wrist due to the design of each link.  Also, some of these chain pieces have a matching sterling silver chain bracelet.

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