DeSantis Jewelry Company strives to create a personal relationship with every client and deliver the highest level of value, as well as craftsmanship, in all jewelry we make. Our company is a full service jewelry design studio offering gemstone jewelry with a main focus on craftsmanship and beauty.

Every process of DeSantis Jewelry's manufacturing is accomplished in our studio, nothing is outsourced. Contact us at 505.268.8073 if you have any questions about our jewelry.

DeSantis Jewelry was founded by Wayne DeSantis in 1973 when he began designing, making and selling silver and gold gemstone jewelry.  Today, his sons Brent and Jonas DeSantis work in a collaborative effort to maintain and create the principles founded by their father.  Designing and making original, affordable, wearable quality jewelry with a personal touch and old world skills that cannot be found in today's mass produced jewelry.  We have a deep passion and obsession that shows in every piece of jewelry that we make.  We are certified with the North American Goldsmith Society and The Gemological Institute of America.  

We are confident in our ability to create high quality jewelry that is made to be worn and designed to look beautiful.  It is our goal to satisfy every customer and give personal attention to every inquiry.  For personal service, please call our studio at 505.268.8073.


Raw Peridot Rings

August 26, 2015

Peridot is the term used to describe gem-quality olivine. Olivine is a somewhat abundant mineral but gem-quality peridot is rather rare. Peridot is one of the only gems that is found in only one color, usually an olive green. The color of peridot is determined by the iron content of the gem and the highest valued peridot usually is distinguished by a dark green color. Peridot is also one of the only gemstones found in meteorites. The United States is currently one of the biggest suppliers of peridot with much of its deposits found in Arizona. Peridot jewelry can be worn to symbolize the birth month of August. It is believed that this gemstone brings the wearer success, peace, and...

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